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By October 13th tayyar.org is celebrating its 18th anniversary!
18 years of dedication for Truth & Reliability of News.
An anniversary, that comes this year , under very difficult conditions especially on the financial level due to all the constraints set by the banking system.
Do you ever wonder where the money comes from to run tayyar.org? It doesn`t come from any organization.
We used to depend mainly on 3rd parties advertising on our pages which are becoming rare due to the situation.

The tayyar.org staff of experts need your help.
Our main concern as of today is to pay WEB HOSTING expenses and other expenses who are to be set in fresh USD as they call it here in Beirut. All of us know the difficulty of getting such types of dollars nowadays.
Contribute, to stay alive, to stay online and keep it up !
The critical part of these expenses is around 2000 USD per month, 24000 USD per year. It is a permanent issue that needs sustainable contributions.

Therefore we are asking you to help through general donations for the website operations or pay a direct amount to the hosting company in all transparency.

Thank you in advance.
We really appreciate your support.
tayyar.org team

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